Saturday, July 25, 2009

If stockholders or other interested parties have questions they would like answered, please email We expect to resume blog postings in the near future.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

On July 9, 2009, Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. ("Camelot") issued a press release announcing that in connection with the effective date of July 10, 2009 for the 700:1 reverse of the company’s common stock, Camelot has received a new trading symbol “CMGR” from OTC Corporate Actions FINRA Operations. A copy of Camelot’s press release is attached below.

In addition, Camelot has established a new series of preferred stock known as “Class D Convertible Preferred Stock”. All stockholders of record as of July 9, 2009 shall be eligible to receive as a cashless dividend the Class D Convertible Preferred Stock. Stockholders shall be eligible to receive 40 shares of the Class D Convertible Preferred Stock for each one million shares of common stock owned as of the close of trading on July 9, 2009. Holders of Class D Convertible Preferred Stock shall have the right, once the Common Stock achieves a 30 day average closing bid price of $2.50 per share as determined by the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (“OTCBB”) historical daily stock price quote, to convert any or all of their Class D Convertible Preferred Stock into 1 share of fully paid and nonassessable shares of Common Stock for each share of Class D Convertible Preferred Stock held. In addition, holders of Class D Convertible Preferred Stock will have the right to convert, as described in the designation, upon an initial or secondary public offering of the Common Stock by the Corporation where the offering price is $2.50 or greater. Camelot shall begin the process of registering these shares for distribution to its common stockholders subsequent to the effective date of the reverse.

Press Release:

Camelot Receives New Trading Symbol CMGR
Camelot Implements 700 to 1 Reverse; Creates New Series of Preferred Stock for Common Stockholders
IRVINE, CA, July 9, 2009 — Camelot Entertainment Group, Inc. (OTC BB: CMLT) (“Camelot”) announced today that effective July 10, 2009, Camelot has a new trading symbol “CMGR”. The Company has implemented a 700:1 reverse of the company’s common stock.

In addition, Camelot has established a new series of Class D Convertible Preferred Stock. All stockholders of record as of July 9, 2009 shall be eligible to receive the preferred stock as a cashless dividend. Stockholders are expected to receive 40 shares of the preferred stock for each one million shares of common stock owned as of the close of trading on July 9, 2009. Further information can be found in the Company’s 8K filing.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Latest update on Camelot activities...

We have remained very busy since returning from Cannes in late May. We have been in the process of wrapping up our updated business plan which will be part of our registration statements. We have been working on our three main company acquisitions as we work through ongoing changes in the marketplace. We hope to have something solid to report on those soon.

We have also been working on all of our slates, individual productions and those projects in development. We are working on upcoming re-shoots on our urban division's documentary and are undergoing rewrites on two films that are in pre-production. We are also working on several acquisitions in our distribution division in order to generate some initial long awaited revenues. As with the corporate updates, we should have something to release on these items soon.

As part of our upcoming registration statements, we have been working on putting together our advisory board in addition to adding members to our board of directors.

In our studio group, we have been working on our next location. We expect to make a formal announcement during the summer.

On the production services group side, we expect to be able to release news concurrent with the filing of the registration statements.

As you are aware, we recently increased the authorization of our stock in order to meet contractual requirements and to facilitate anticipated issuance's. We have enlisted the aide of several small public company experts and along with our counsel we are working on what next steps to take in reference to the stock. We should have more news on this in the near future.

To assist in communicating with our stockholders, we are retaining the services of an entity to assist us in blogging, twittering and other stockholder communication activities in addition to the traditional press releases and regulatory filings. We continue to work on the web site as well. By bringing in additional help, we hopefully will be able to meet our expectations of regular communication with our stockholders.

We would continue to encourage our stockholders to read our annual and quarterly reports. We would also remind everyone that what we are working on is a long and tedious process and carries with it a great deal of risk. If we can be successful, the results will speak for themselves. But there are no guarantees.

We receive many calls and emails asking what we think the stock will do. Obviously, we cannot, nor can anyone else, predict the future. Stocks, especially those that trade on the bulletin board and the pink sheets, are extremely risky regardless of how strong or weak a particular company is. While we have been and remain optimistic about our future, we can only continue to work hard and do whatever we can to achieve our goals.

There are many who believe we are poised for great things. There are also many who believe there is no hope. We'll leave all that posturing to the pundits and others who love us when the stock goes up, and hate us when the stock goes down. I can assure everyone that those of us who are putting everything we have into this company absolutely believe in what we are doing. We know we are at the right place and at the right time to accomplish our goals. We are faced with many difficult and hard decisions on a daily basis, whether it be the stock, operations or which productions to embark on.

Many of our stockholders and others, both identified and anonymous, have opinions, both positive and negative. We appreciate their comments, even if in many cases they are misinformed, misguided, misled or deliberately negative in nature. For those that have the decency to send us emails directly or call and identify themselves, rather than hide behind anonymous postings, we do what we can to respond directly to your inquiries and questions. We have received many great ideas and suggestions. Thanks again for your input.

Please remember that our main focus is on our business. When we take time away from the business to answer bogus phone calls, emails and postings, that is time that could be better spent on the business, which will benefit us all. For the legitimate calls, emails and postings, again we will do our best to respond as time permits.

Going forward, our new investment relations entities will be keeping up to date the blogs, twitter, facebook and other stockholder communication devices. We will have management contribute when time permits. We appreciate everyone's continued interest in Camelot.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally back from Cannes and London. We ran into some technical difficulties which precluded us from sending any further updates while we were travelling.

This was our most productive Cannes in a number of years. While the market was slow with very few deals announced at Cannes, we were very busy. The biggest news from Cannes overall may well be that independent domestic films now must realize most of their revenue from domestic sales, rather than from international sales as had been the case previously.

Buyers are looking for quality and attractive elements that will help them sell a particular title in their territory, and most of the product available did not deliver the quality or the required elements, which include at least some recognizable cast members. Even those titles that were selling, and they were few and far between, were commanding far less sales figures than in previous years in what was truly a buyers market.

As a result, budgets have to be very low, or high enough to attract major talent. Those films that are produced in the middle ranges can find it difficult, if not impossible, to garner any sales. This continues to cause consolidation at both ends of the market, and while there may be a lot of titles still waiting to be sold, the demand for new content that meets the buyers requirements continues to rise, and this creates significant opportunity for companies like Camelot that are positioned to produce and deliver that content.

During Cannes, we met with buyers, distributors, financial entities and filmmakers from around the world. We had very productive co-production meetings with a number of countries where we plan to produce some of our slates. We have enlisted expert assistance from various territories who will be guiding us as we work through the various complex packaging, production, distribution and deliverable requirements that will allow us to commence production. While here in the US we continue to embrace the digital revolution, most foreign territories are moving a lot slower, making it more imperative than ever to fully understand what they need and how they want it delivered.

We have decided, based upon the result of our meetings in Cannes and London, to set up our first international production hub in the UK. We have begun the process of determining who will head up our operations in the UK. The UK has an established production infrastructure in place, which will allow us to move rapidly on our first European production slate.

Here in the US, we are continuing to move forward with plans for our first domestic production slate under Camelot Films. This slate is in addition to previously discussed features being produced under Camelot Features. We hope to be ready to announce where the slate will be produced following upcoming meetings with various states.

The process of identifying and securing intellectual properties continues. We had several meetings in Cannes with filmmakers which we hope will result in our being able to acquire several more projects this year. We also have identified several potential acquisitions of completed films and will be working with their respective sales agents going forward.

On the financing front, we are preparing our S-1 registration statement in anticipation of securing the funding necessary to complete our initial slates here in the US and in the UK. Along with our attorneys, accountants, auditors and advisers, we are looking at solutions to the current stock price issue and what structure will work best as we move forward. We are reviewing all suggestions that have been made and continue to be made as we continue to move forward in implementing our business model.

In both Cannes and London we had extensive meetings with two companies that we are currently negotiating to acquire. As a result of these meetings, we anticipate being able to make formal announcements in the near future. We will be meeting with our investment banking team in early June and hopefully we will come away from those meetings with deal structures that will work for both sides.

Friday, May 15, 2009

News from Cannes. Following the stockholders meeting on Wednesday and later meetings with our auditors, attorneys and key advisors, it was off to Cannes and the film market. After arriving late Thursday, Friday was filled with meetings with filmmakers, international buyers and distributors.

The typical day here begins at 6 am and ends around midnight. With the world film business convening here in Cannes, there are more meetings and screenings of potential product acquisitions than there are hours in the day. The public hears about the festival and the stars, the red carpets and the parties. Behind all of that is the film market, and that is where the business of film takes place. Films are bought and sold, deals are made for future productions and the groundwork is laid for future deals as relationships are made and old acquaintances get caught up.

So far, this year's market is slower than recent years, due in part to the world economic issues and also due to a lack of quality product that the buyers are looking for to fill their release schedules. There are a lot of films available, but most are not up to the quality level that the markets now demand.

With the dvd market maturing and direct to consumer still finding its way, and with the high cost of releasing and distributing product, the need is greater than ever for commercial, high quality product with recognizable talent. It's not so much a function of budget as it is having a good script and getting the most for one's money up on the screen. So the paradox is on one hand you have a glut of product on the market, while on the other hand you have an ever increasing demand for more product that the buyers want and need in order to fill out their release schedules for theatrical, television, dvd, vod and all the other ancillary markets.

With the number of films being released by the major studios being cut back, and with many of the mid-sized companies being acquired or leaving the business all together, the marketplace appears to be reshaping itself into two distinctive segments. On the high end, large budget tentpole pictures with major stars and high concept commercial appeal, while on the low end, horror, action and thrillers that are well made and have some recognizable talent continue to do well. The middle of the road pictures, budgets north of a million up to ten to fifteen million, are in serious peril. Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, but for the most part the first full day here at Cannes has fairly well confirmed this.Dramas without a big name cast, comedies, and romantic comedies are having a tough time at any budget. Movies such as those made by Tyler Perry and others do extremely well in the states, but virtually have no marketability outside of North America.

For Camelot, all of this provides us with a great opportunity to meet the market demand for commercial, high quality films that can be made at a reasonable cost so those that invest in the films have the ability to realize a profit. It also provides us with the opportunity to acquire product and companies that have the same philosophy as we do. To accomplish our goals, we have to remained focused and realize that this is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Tomorrow we will provide an update on the results of our first two days of meetings here in Cannes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stockholders who will not be able to attend can call in and be part of the stockholders meeting beginning at 1 p.m. PST on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009.

The call in number is 605-475-4800. The code is 440665#.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

These are some of the items to be discussed during the question and answer segment of the stockholders meeting on May 13th. We encourage all stockholders to attend. If there is a topic or specific question not included on this list, please email and we'll make sure to include the topic or specific question.

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